Family visit & zombies.

July 31, 2011 § 2 Comments

A few weeks back, me and john went to visit my grandparents that live in kaupanger. I have been meaning to go to my grandparents place for quite some time now, and i’ll probably go for another visit this year or next year, depending if i have any time after school starts.

In the few days we stayed there (we stayed from Tuesday to Friday) we didn’t really do anything special, we watched movies in the evenings ( i finally got to watch Easy A),  and went out in the daytime to explore the little village, we went on a lot of walks in the forest & around the town shops. And lots of pictures where taken outside and in my grandmothers garden c: .
My grandparents also took us for a small car trip around the village, to show John around sort of.
Which was super kind of them. and i think John really appreciated it too, he said it reminded him a bit of home.

I was abit worried that he would get carsick during the cartrip, since he usually gets carsick from longer cartrips. Thankfully he didn’t.

the whole time we where there we had nice weather (it was super hot! D:), which is a good switch from the weather we have been having in bergen all summer so far. Not much sun or heat to actually enjoy the outdoors. Hopefully the weather will become better soon.

here are some pictures i have taken during this trip.

some art i found in Sogndal, which i thought where pretty interesting.
The first one sort of looks like a monkey, and the second one is a woman. It kinda reminds me of a music video i saw once, and i like how they used things that have been hung up from before to make the art. It makes it extra special and cool c:


Recently i also read a good book, i read the book “Brains – a zombie memoir ” on the boat on the way back from sogndal.
Brains is told from the perspective of the zombie Jack Barnes, who has the ability to write and think for himself. Along with other zombies who also have extraordinary abilities, they search for their creator.
I really enjoyed reading this book, but it was really short. Only about 200 pages.
Finished the whole thing in 5 hours ( Thats about as long as the trip home with the boat lasted.)



July 8, 2011 § 4 Comments



Hello everybody!!


So it has been awhile since i last wrote in my blog, i know i can be very lazy at times. But usually i think about blogging but i never really get to it.

So now while i have some spare time i’m going to blog for alittle.

Summer is finally here, even if the weather is saying something different. We haven’t had much sunny weather so far this summer, all rain and fuck. lol. I hope there will be any sunshine soon.
Me, my boyfriend and a few of our friends just came back from a roadtrip, it was much fun but also very tiresome. We started of in Bergen and drove all the way down to Hardangervidda and then to Nissedal to see the so called jettegrytene.

Day 1:
We camped on Hardangervidda, it was pretty cool. When we drove up there all we could see was fog, it was abit scary, since we couldn’t see very far ahead of us and the road’s where not that wide.

But due to me and John sleeping sideways in a downhill we didn’t sleep much that night @_@; , in the morning it also became very hot so none of us really slept very well. Me and john had voken up at around 6am, after falling asleep at around 4am that is.
We went outside for a bit , outside our tent(lavo) a herd of sheep had gathered. They didn’t start running away until john came out


tho, which was abit funny. I also got a picture of the sunrise, which was pretty. The rest of the morning went well and we started driving again before 12:00.
We reached Nissedal and the camping spot in the afternoon, in the evening we grilled sausages and marshmallows. This night however i slept very well, maybe it was because i hadn’t slept much the day before, or i was just tired in general.




Here are some pictures from the whole  day.

Some pretty spiderweb i found i think i captured it pretty well, the area we where in was really pretty.

The view i had after walking up a hill, it was a very pretty area. With ice and loads of clear lakes.

John was so tired, poor thing.

The camping place we had decided to stay at for a few days was really nice, we had been allowed to stay down by the river where we could have a fire so we could cook our food and such .
There was even possibilities for swimming and jumping of this raft like thing, to bad i forgot my shampoo and balsam at home, would have been the perfect place for actually washing up real good.

Not far from the place there was a beach were we could play volleyball, we did for a little while the last night before we left. And we did swim and bath a lot, it was a little cold. But not to cold luckily. When we were staying there the water also went down a little, which was fun. Because this meant we could almost walk down the riverside.
We also visited jettegrytene, but we where all to scared to actually bath in there. The edges of the rocks where so slippery we couldn´t really get up again very easily. The only ones who were dared to swim was John, Nils and Karsten. Me ,Eik and Anette was sitting and watching.
Some pictures again, except i didn’t bring my camera to jettegrytene.

Despite the fact there was alot of bad weather most of the time of our trip, we had a good time and fun times where had.

I would love to do this again sometime, well maybe a time with better weather lol.
Getting back home was nice tho, never has a shower felt that good. Even if we had been swimming alot, a hot shower was very good.

John also surprised me with some flowers the day after, i love surprises like that. It made me very happy ❤

Hopefully next week were going to go see my grandparents, depends on if i can fix us a free ride to sogndal. I really hope it works out, i haven’t seen my grandparents since my mums birthday party back in may.
I’ll try to update again soon, i hope you all are having a great summer! I for sure am. 🙂

to round it of, here is one of my favorite songs at the moment.

Everything come’s to an end.

January 5, 2011 § Leave a comment

So today i went to a funeral of an old teacher of mine, he died very suddenly. I guess it came as a shock for most of us, but apparently he fell asleep in his mothers home. on 23rd of December, such a sad time to die. Just right before Christmas, my condolences go to the family of course.
to me this teacher was very special, he helped me through some very tough times. And got me back on my feet, if it wasn’t for him. Maybe things wouldn’t have turned out as well as it did. And i never got the chance to thank him for it, a few months back i saw him on the bus when i was on the way into the city. Now i kinda regret not saying hello to him and asking him how he has been doing and telling him how i have been doing and such.
I never in my wildest imagination would have thought that was going to be the very very last time i would see him.
He was my teacher i highschool for three whole years, and he was the greatest teacher one could ever have. He wasn’t one of those teachers who didn’t give a damn about his students, he really cared for all of us. and he wanted the best for us all, we are going to miss him so much.

His funeral was great but very sad, so many people show’d up to show their respect for this wonderful man who died way to early. The church was so full it bearly could hold more people.
rest in peace my lovely teacher, I know your probably going to continue watching over us all from somewhere ♥.  One moment you were here and the next minute you were gone, just shows how fast life go and how quickly it turns. ♥ So lets appreciate life for how amazing and wonderful it really is.

i had to take a photo of my outfit for the funeral today, i felt it looked very pretty. ><;

2010 what a year its been.

January 4, 2011 § 1 Comment

so 2011 is finally here, and im back in school. the time between chrismas and newyear has been amazing and a very interesting time.
before christmas i was spending alot of time with my dearest emily before she returned to the uk again, i miss her loads and we had lots of funtimes together. Me , her and anette.

I went to a costume party with Anette and emily, it was loads of fun. We decided to dress up as cats, and we were somewhat inspired by the cats musical.
this was my costume, i got lots of spots. i’m also wearing my new dreads in this picture, that anette made for me for christmas. thank you loads sweetheart!


A few weeks back we also had a small photoshoot for an art project anette was doing, which turned out to be so much fun. We went to the park and play’d around with masks that Anette had made herself, even if it was very very cold that day.
The idea for the photoshoot was to be really wild and crazy while having the masks on, to become sort of a strange creature. I wore the bunny mask c:
we had so much fun, later on we had a party at hanne’s place, it was much fun and i had a great time. ❤

Here is one picture from the photoshoot, this is me in the bunnymask and Hanne is the one with the cape. I took some photos aswell that day, so i will put up some of the once i took myself at the end of this post.

Before christmas i got a new tablet, im very pleased with that i got a mini tablet that i can bring almost everywhere. It makes editing photographies and drawing so so much easier. Ive almost had a hissyfit with having to used the buildt in pad on the mac, since it takes way much more time to use in general. I’m looking forward to starting to use my table!  Another thing i got for christmas was a brand new phone, an HTC Dezire Z. I’m also very pleased with this present. It’s way better then the last phone i had, and now i have the chance to tweet more and update and check my email and facebook more then i was able to before, seeing i’m much more outdoors now then i have been for the past 4 years.

My birthday is almost here, well it’s still like 20 something days away. But it’s closing in so fast now, i’m turning 18. I really cannot wait to become 18, it will make everything so much easier i guess. No more underage rori-chan hahaha, no longer a jailbait.
I still don’t know what i wanna do for my birthday, but i will figure out something i guess. I kinda wanna go out, since im 18 i can go more places with my friends. There are so many people i wish could be there to celebrate my 18th with me, and i know most of the people i want to be there will be there. But a few won’t be able to make it, when i say some i mean my international friends. Or friends who live in different parts of the country now.
But anyways i’m sure it’ll be a blast and i’m going to have a good time, i’ll try to update asap again. I know i’m lazy as fuck!

As promised here are some pictures ive taken!

December is finally here.

December 2, 2010 § 1 Comment

So it’s finally december, its been a little while since i blogged. I’m sorry, i was meaning to do so but i was getting so busy with college these days. I’m just trying to get everything together so that i can spend most time with my friends, which i have. I live such a fast pace life, things are happening so fast. School, friends and everything else is going so fast. Were almost at the end of 2010, how weird is that? It seems just like yesterday i celebrated my 17th birthday, and very soon again im going to celebrate my 18th. (it’s still over a month left, but time really went fucking fast) Shit man im kind of scared tbh. But its going to be so much easier going out with all of my friends, who are all over 18. I’m looking forward to doing that.  If i could describe how i see things in a gif, this would be it. ok maybe Norway isn’t THAT extreme, but for sure it might become like that, i want to go and see a city like that tho. It would be interesting.

The past few weeks ive been to the cinema a lot, ive seen some good movies at home and at the cinema. And hopefully i will get to go to the cinema again very soon.The latest movie i saw was harry potter and the deathly hallows, to be honest this movie is way more serious than the other movies. (I’m pointing out the obvious lol) Thus I’m very excited to see the second part of the movie now, i wish it would come out sooner! :C
Lately ive watched Scott pilgrim VS the world ( im pleasantly surprized by this movie, its great ❤ ) , where the wild things are, how to train your dragon, trolljegeren (a norwegian movie) and Harry potter and the deathly hallows.

about a few weeks back, i got  a present. It’s the cutest thing ever, a purple mameshiba. I really didn’t expect to get anything,

thank you so much Wirat ❤ for the sweet presents.
and next year i will definitively join you all for london expo, I’m excited already! I need to start working on my cosplay, or work further on getting more Lolita dresses and accessories, i don’t know what i want to do for the expo yet.  But i know i kinda wanna cosplay maybe one day. and the rest i want to just go around dressed in Lolita looking at things c:

I’ve looked at a few things that need already, and i have a pair of shoes already. But i don’t know where they are atm. I’ll get them soon enough tho im sure.
For the dress, there is kind of two i want to get.  And i really want to get some brand a swell, but I’m not rich enough for that yet. Right now, im extremely poor. Except for the times where my parents help me out a little.  There is a lot of different things i want to get before christmas, my parents are treating me a new phone. (HTC Desire Z)  Which is amazing, because that is one expensive phone right there. I’m also planning on buying new kpop merch and cd’s also some jpop. Then i need to invest in a new petticoat, since the one i have isn’t really very poof at all, i need more poof.

This dress yes yes?

I got a letter from my sweetest friend Kake ❤ she sent me some tea, which smells amazing. I was just sitting there for a long time sniffing it.
i promise i’ll send you a card back, i have one finished. But ive …. worked several weeks to get a hold of a stamp DX …..

I’m so excited to see Kake again, i havent seen her for such a long time now. I miss you so much sweetheart ;3; you need to come visit me more often, so we can watch Mulan again.  ” Jeg holder og du slår ” yanno ❤

Last, song of the day. I got this song stuck on my mind, and it really doesn’t wanna go away. T-ara’s new song yayaya, have a listen ❤ its very good. and the music video is so cute.

Excuse me sir…

November 11, 2010 § 3 Comments

Hi guise, i have tired blogging as much as possible. I’ve been meaning to post some things now, but im just lazy and i guess i kinda forgot. So now im doing it, but i guess this will be sort of a long post in this case.
Lately ive been all so buzy with college as i usually am, tho ive still had time for my online and irl friends.
Monday i went to something that to me seems like a mix between a hipster/vintage cafe, it was really neat and its totally how i would decorate my home when i move to live by myself. Sadly i didn’t bring my camera that day and i didn’t get any good pictures of the cafe itself.
Tho i did take a picture of the toast i ordered there, it was very yummy. c:
I appologize for the image being so dark, but my cellphone camera kinda sucks in the dark so this is what you get LOL.

Later on we went out to get some traditional Norwegian Christmas goods, these are goods that only come around once a year and im somewhat glad they don’t come around more often. Wouldn’t be as special if they were available to be purchased all year around would it?

we later figured out the one of the cookie men we bought looked like it had been brutally murdered or some shit. It was totally hilarious.
The one in the middle just looks like someone killed it. or killed something trying to paint it. Idek, but still hilarious xD;

I got a sweet text message today, from my sister. Currently living in the UK. I miss her alot, i wish i had gone to the UK earlier this month with everybody else, even tho i know i’ll see her next year i miss her loads. ♥♥  I can’t wait for us to go food shopping together and cook tasty food, just like on the variety shows we watch of our favorite celebrities!
Thank you for cheering up my day my dearest sister!
I’m kinda tempted to write on this with helvetica, but i know that would just troll her soooooo bad. She’s not really into the whole hipster thing LOLOLOLOLOL.
I love you Hana ♥

I also got another sweet thing today, from another one of my friends. HAHA ♥ I adore you for drawing that , epic shit man. ♥ This epic masterpiece of art is made by my lovely osm friend Eik ♥♥ hoho
Portrait of me, with my epic stache. ♥  Thank you Eik, you cheered up my day aswell HAHA or well should i say you cheered up my evening.
Lets hang out soon!! ♥♥

I’ll round this blog off with something hilarious i watched earlier this evening, for sure this will make you smile. I hope atleast ^^;

Where the wild things are , snow , manga & Pokemon cards.

November 7, 2010 § 3 Comments

I recently watched the movie ‘Where the wild things are’ i’ve been wanting to watch this one for awhile, and i got say its a really good movie. In many ways i can understand how max feels. All he wants is to be notice and seen.
In itself this actually really symbolic movie, carol represents Max. And by looking from the outside max realizes how he has been behaving and how hard it is to deal with a person who acts like that. I think we can all associate with max somehow, we’ve all be small and we’ve all had the feeling of not being noticed , forgotten and wanted to be seen. I myself can atleast associate myself with max in some ways.
I think my favorite character out of the movie is the Alexander, i can associate myself most with him too sometimes i too feel like people don’t hear or listen to me. and i find him somewhat cute too tiihii~♥ In all honesty i think we can all atleast associate with one of the characters, because they all represent different kinds of people.

I love the visual effects of the movie, the monsters look so real it makes me wonder how they are animated.
And i also love the lighting and general meaning of the movie, and the soundtrack is simply amazing. ♥
Since its based of the book , i think i need to go read the book. It seems like something that would be worth reading or at least have in my shelf c:My favorite quote of the movie has to be
“Don’t go.
I’ll eat you up, i love you so. “
It’s a very good movie and i really recommended watching it. ♥

On a different note, it started snowing again.
I love snow, and i really wanna go for a walk in the snow sometime soon. A romantic walk in the snow seems nice doesnt it? I couldn’t get a picture of it snowing (since it apparently only snows when i don’t have the camera right infront of me or when i’m not looking out of the window)
so all you get is this crappy photo of the sky instead, but i think the sky was beautiful today.

Yesterday i bought some manga and pokemon cards, wait actually it was the day before yesterday. wtf am i thinking.
Anyways , its been along time since i actually bought manga and pokemon cards. I’m continuing reading NANA and starting on reading Kuroshitsuji/black butler and We Were There.  I decided to start reading the kuroshitsuji manga since ive already finished watching the anime and i really loved it♥

+song of the day+